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Managed Care would apply to anyone who wishes to use an insurance benefit, or is entitled to a hearing aid claim through Workers’ Compensation, VA benefits, or any other third party payor program.

Services available under these plans are established, very specifically, according to the terms set by the managed care program. In most cases the insurance company, or other third party, is purchasing or subsidizing the instruments on your behalf and engaging with us to facilitate the fitting service. This may limit access to some services and availability.

Managed Care Benefits

Should you choose Managed Care, we will discuss your plan and set out an agreement in writing. This contract will make clear the benefits you can expect to receive from us under the terms of your third-party contract. We contract with many managed care programs, including Washington State Labor and Industries, Veterans Administration, TruHearing, UHC/Epic, Hear.com, Med-Plus and others.

If you have questions about Managed Care options, please feel free to contact us for a complimentary consultation about the pros and cons.

Some of the more common questions can be answered below.

Will I Be Able to Choose My Own Hearing Aids?

This will depend greatly on your plan. Some agreements will require the use of specific manufacturers, models or technology levels. Regardless, every effort will be taken to ensure the instruments are audiologically appropriate.

Will Repairs Be Covered?

Yes, if an instrument is evaluated and it is determined a repair is needed it will be covered under the hearing aid manufacturer’s warranty.

Can I Upgrade My Plan if I Decided That the Managed Care Program is Not Meeting My Needs?

This may be an option depending on the program you are associated with, however once engaged we may be contractually obligated to continue with the third party. If you have questions, contact us first for a complimentary consultation, we are happy to help you understand your options and make an educated choice.

Can I Get Better Hearing Aids if I Just Order Them From a Website?

No, we will offer the same benefits under your plan that you can find anywhere else. The difference with us, is the one-on-one support you will receive to ensure the best fit. When working with Managed Care or third parties, the benefits are preset and are dependent on their contract. Purchasing outside of their program will negate the benefits.

If the Terms of My Third-Party Plan Were to Change, Will My Available Services From Volume Hearing & Audiology Change as Well?

Yes, should the terms of your third-party agreement change, so will your contract with us, as well. This could mean an expansion or contraction of available services. We will work to follow the terms set forth by the third-party agreement.

Volume Hearing & Audiology seeks to offer comprehensive hearing care for everyone. We work with our patients to meet them wherever they are on their hearing healthcare journey. Our three service models—Full Service, Lifestyle+, and Managed Care—allow us to provide different levels of care for each of our patients, depending on their hearing loss, listening needs, lifestyle and budget. Learn more about our other solutions.