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Full Service is the most complete, professional approach to hearing care available. While this can be especially important for those with more significant hearing challenges, anyone who would appreciate a more consistent engagement from their hearing care provider can benefit from Full Service. It means we’ll be here whenever you need us, with no added costs.

Full Service Includes:

  • 3-year warranty: Your hearing aids will be covered for repair or replacement for 3 full years from the purchase date.
  • 45-day trial period: We do our best to get to know you and get a sense of the hearing aids that will be best for you. If, however, you find that after a reasonable period of adjustment you still aren’t comfortable with your hearing aids, you can exchange or return them.
  • Complimentary services while in warranty: Hearing aids need regular maintenance and attention to work their best for the long term. Full Service provides complimentary maintenance, cleaning, adjustment, and verification throughout the 3-year warranty period.
  • Telehealth/remote programming: Sometimes life does not allow for in-person visits. We are happy to offer telehealth consultations and even remote programming on select models.
  • Yearly screenings while in warranty: Your hearing needs may change over time. While in warranty, yearly we will be happy to conduct a complimentary hearing screening and adjust and verify the programming of your new instruments accordingly.

Full Service with Volume Hearing & Audiology

No two hearing losses are the same. Each individual has a different experience with hearing loss, and some hearing loss may require more attention than others. The degree of support you need will vary based on many factors relating to the nature of your hearing sensitivity and lifestyle.

Full Service is our most complete package available, allowing us to be by your side throughout your journey with hearing care. Our approach to overcoming hearing challenges is not just to “correct” hearing loss but to also retrain the brain.

Modern hearing aids will repackage sound into your audible range while attempting to emphasize speech, reduce background noise and maintain comfort, in highly dynamic environments. This is a complex challenge, and it is important to understand that the process will be retraining your brain to use this new information and to learn to listen a little differently.

Especially for those who have lived for a long time with untreated hearing loss, or who have severe-to-profound hearing loss, addressing their hearing challenges will require dedication and consistency. The process can be challenging at times, but when approached correctly is worth every bit of time and effort invested.

Full Service patients can expect to receive the first class attention required to ensure success.

Volume Hearing & Audiology seeks to offer comprehensive hearing care for everyone. We work with our patients to meet them wherever they are on their hearing healthcare journey. Our three service models—Full Service, Lifestyle+, and Managed Care—allow us to provide different levels of care for each of our patients, depending on their hearing loss, listening needs, lifestyle and budget. Learn more about our other solutions.