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Lifestyle+ is a cost-effective wearer-centric model that allows patients to adopt a set of hearing aids that will fit into their lifestyle and enhance their hearing experience as needed and on their terms. Patients take charge of several aspects of their hearing care that have traditionally been handled by a professional hearing care specialist.

Lifestyle+ allows tech savvy patients, with a smartphone and familiar with its functions, to take some ownership of their sound quality and level of engagement. Lifestyle+ is intended for those with up to a mild to moderate hearing loss and are self-motivated to handle some of their hearing needs on their own.


Lifestyle+ is intended for an individual with a mild to moderate hearing loss, and is considering alternative options for hearing care. This person is self-motivated and capable of handling basic maintenance, fine-tuning, and connectivity on their own, but comfortable knowing that local support is always available as needed. If more assistance is needed along the way, Full Service, is available as an upgrade.

You are in control, and we are happy to be your support system when needed.

  • Quality Hearing Technology: Fit and verified, uniquely to you.
  • Rechargeable Hearing Aid Batteries: Full days use on a single charge.
  • Smartphone Connectivity: Stream phone calls and media directly through the instruments, uniquely programmed to you.
  • Smartphone App Support: Companion app that allows the user discrete control of the instruments, and in some cases AI-assisted fine-tuning.
  • Remote Programming Available: Modern Hearing technology allows us to make programming adjustments anywhere in the world!

Services Include:

  • Initial fitting and verification
  • 1 complimentary follow-up appointment in the first year
  • 30-day trial period
  • 1 Year Warranty

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Is a Hearing Test Required/I Have a Recent Test, Can it Be Used?

Yes, your hearing is specific to you, and best results are obtained when the instruments are programmed based on your actual hearing thresholds. If you have had a recent (complete) test in the last 6 months, we can use it.

What If I Need Help or My Hearing Needs Change?

The goal of Lifestyle+ is to allow you to be in control of your hearing healthcare, but you are never alone. Adjustments and assistance are always available on a fee for service basis, this way you only pay for what you need.

Are These Over-the-Counter Hearing Aids?

No. These are real hearing aids, programmed specifically to your hearing loss. Over the counter hearing aids, when they become available, will be a very simplistic version of what we work with in the clinic.

I Can Buy Hearing Aid Online, Why Should These Be a Better Option?

Purchasing Hearing aids online can look like an attractive option, but consider what happens after the purchase, and the support available for the long term.

Hearing aids are only as good as their programming, their programming is only as good as the provider fitting them. Understanding your needs and the abilities of the instruments, allows us to provide the best opportunity for success.

We can offer guidance selecting a device to best suit your needs, fit it to your hearing loss and be your local support system when you need it, at a price as good as or better than some companies online.

Volume Hearing & Audiology seeks to offer comprehensive hearing care for everyone. We work with our patients to meet them wherever they are on their hearing healthcare journey. Our three service models—Full Service, Lifestyle+, and Managed Care—allow us to provide different levels of care for each of our patients, depending on their hearing loss, listening needs, lifestyle and budget. Learn more about our other solutions.